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Game of Thrones (2011-)

Lena Headey as: Cersei Lannister
Episode: 7 seasons, 58 episodes

Nine noble families fight for control over the mythical lands of Westeros, while a forgotten race returns after being dormant for thousands of years.


The Sarah Connor Chronicles (2008-2009)

Lena Headey as: Sarah Connor
Episode: 2 seasons, 31 episodes

Set after the events in Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991), Sarah Connor and her son, John, try to stay under-the-radar from the government, as they plot to destroy the computer network, Skynet, in hopes of preventing Armageddon.


White Collar (2011)

Lena Headey as: Vulture/Sally
Episode: 3×07 – “Taking Account” – Aired: July 19, 2011

A hacker empties a bank’s accounts, so Neal assumes the thief’s identity and goes on a spending spree in order to force the criminal to surface.

The episode was directed by Michael Smith and Lena stars as the hacker Vulture/Sally.


Ultra (2006)

Lena Headey as: Penny/Ultra
Episode: 1×01 – “Pilot” – Aired: 2006

The series didn’t get picked up.

A single superhero juggles her crime-fighting career with the demands of her active social life.

The pilot episode was produced by Barbara Hall and directed by Helen Shaver. While CBS and the CW expressed an interest in the series, neither decided to carry it. The series were based on the comic book “Ultra” created by the Luna Brothers.


The Long Firm (2004) (Mini Series)

Lena Headey as: Ruby Ryder
Episode: 1×02 – “Ruby’s Story” – Aired: July 7, 2004

The Long Firm is the BBC Adaptation of Jake Arnott’s novel of the same name. The book, and essentially the series is a short collection of stories, surrounding racketeer Harry Starks, told through the eyes of different characters. These include a struggling actress, a low life drug dealer, a lecturer and a disgraced peer.


Band of Gold (1996-1997)

Lena Headey as: Colette
3×02 – “She’s Back: Part Two” – Aired: November 3, 1997
3×01 – “She’s Back: Part One” – Aired: October 27, 1997
2×06 – “Release” – Aired: April 7, 1996
2×05 – “Love” – Aired: March 31, 1996
2×04 – “Hurt” – Aired: March 24, 1996
2×03 – “Betrayal” – Aired: March 17, 1996
2×02 – “Kiss” – Aired: March 10, 1996
2×01 – “Hustling” – Aired: March 3, 1996

The series ‘Gold’ (1997) which IMDb lists as Lena’s work is actually the same thing as Band of Gold (1996-1997).

Gina Dickson, a young mother in Yorkshire, has thrown out her abusive husband but goes to a loan-shark to pay off her debts. But Gina can’t find work, and there’s no one to look after the children. She meets Carol, a prostitute who teaches Gina how to “work The Lane”, and introduces her to the world of ponces, punters, and police.

Gina also meets Carol’s friends: Rose, an older hooker who rules the lane, and Tracey, a young runaway who’s hooked on drugs and her pimp. When, despite Carol’s warnings, Gina discovers the worst that can happen to a woman who works the lane, Carol and her friends decide to pack it in, go legit, and form a business that will get back at the loan shark.


The Hunger (1997)

Lena Headey as: Steph Reynolds
Episode: 1×02 – “Menage a Trois” – Aired: July 20, 1997

Terence Stamp hosts a half-hour show, introducing the evening’s story, with a passing nod to the eponymous cult film. The stories are steamy, erotic versions of Tales From The Dark Side and the like, with a touch of class, dealing as they do with power, sex, lust and driving urges. The opening tale is of a mysterious nightclub performer who can pass swords clean through her body. Loaned out by her agent to a likely punter, she becomes passionately involved with him, falls in love, and loses her ability – with dire consequences the next night…


Kavanagh QC (1997)

Lena Headey as: Natasha Jackson
3×04 – “Diplomatic Baggage” – Aired: March 24, 1997

Natasha Jackson is the daughter of the UK’s ambassador-designate to Austria, Sir Alan Jackson. She is charged with murder in the death of Lisa Aeurbach, a journalist. Natasha’s defense is that the woman was dead when she arrived for an interview. The case takes an interesting twist when Kavanagh is approached by a mysterious government official whose only concern is to keep HM’s ambassador-designate as far away from scandal as possible. Matt decides to move out on his own and his parents are surprised to learn he’s sharing a flat with two attractive young women. In Chambers, Peter Foxcott takes an interest in an old friend he has not seen for many years.


Ballykissangel (1996)

Lena Headey as: Jenny Clark
1×02 – “The Things We Do for Love” – Aired: February 18, 1996

Father Peter Clifford can handle the bruised ribs when he tries out as spare keeper in the local ball game (Celtic football?) but is unsettled when a young woman turns up from his Manchester parish, to ‘visit’ expecting to continue their ‘special relationship’, actually the bishop’s motive for his transfer to Ireland. Meanwhile he won’t stand by idly, except in a critical spot, as Brian Quigley’s men poor manure over the site where Edso and his wife and baby parked their caravan, as part of a repair contract, which turns out to be only half of the story. The ball game proves both useful and worrisome in surprising ways.


Soldier Soldier (1993)

Lena Headey as: Shenna Bowles
3×03 – “Base Details” – Aired: September 21, 1993
3×02 – “Live Fire” – Aired: September 14, 1993
3×01 – “Shifting Sands” – Aired: September 7, 1993

Drama following the life of the officers and men of the King’s Own Fusiliers regiment, during their home lives, training exercises and battles.


Spender (1993)

Lena Headey as: Emily
3×05 – “Best Friends” – Aired: February 2, 1993
3×01 – “The More Things Change” – Aired: January 5, 1993

The character of Spender is a tough and able cop cleaning up the streets of London with his somewhat unorthodox methods. Following a tragic incident, he’s sent home, back to the North-East to his home-town of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, which had taken him 20-odd years to get out of. Now re-united with old friends and haunting ghosts from his untamed past, the loathing he feels for the city and his new assignment drives his character to push the limits, and test the powers that be that govern his jurisdiction. But once we meet Spender’s family – divorced wife Frances and his two young daughters – we witness an unexpected dimension to the character: that of a father and protector of his children, who finds it awkward to work his way back into their lives.


How We Used to Live (1993)

Lena Headey as: Grace Palmer
9×04 – “In Civil War: Truth or Treason” – Aired: February 2, 1993
9×03 – “In Civil War: Know Thine Enemy” – Aired: January 26, 1993
9×02 – “In Civil War: The Fugitive” – Aired: January 19, 1993

British educational drama tracing the lives and fortunes of fictional Yorkshire families from Victorian times.