Rumored Projects

Here is a look at some of the projects that either got post-poned or that Lena might have had to drop-out of specifically, or she auditioned for but didn’t get the part.

Lost Parts

• The part in either Looking for Eric (2009) or Route Irish (2010) directed by Ken Loach. She had to turn down the part because she was pregnant with her son at that time.

• The part in Love Actually (2003) to Keira Knightley because the director, Richard Curtis thought Lena was ‘too intense’.

• The main part in Daredevil (2003) to Jennifer Garner.

• The part in Pearl Harbor (2001) to Kate Beckinsale.

• The part in Gangs of New York (2002) to Cameron Diaz.

The Mortal Instruments: City of Ashes Was supposed to be a prequel to The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones (2013) but it was cancelled already in September 2013.

• Lena Headey as well as the other cast in The Devil’s Wedding (2009) signed up to recreate their characters and a trilogy was planned. “The Devil’s Soul” would had been the second in the series but it was never made.


Directed by:Thomas Dekker
Thomas Dekker mentioned in May 2010 that he has witten a new script and wants Lena to be a part of it:

“I’ve written a screenplay with her to play the lead role. It’s actually called Sick and it’s about a woman who’s married with a daughter. Things consistently terrible keep happening to her and you slowly realise she’s bringing it on herself. It’s sort of a question of why. It’s a pretty psychological thriller. It’s a hard role but she’s good enough to tackle it.”

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Movie

Lena Headey as: Sarah Connor
Directed by: n/a

Been in the talks about this movie ever since it was cancelled and mostly has it been Thomas Dekker mentioning this project now and then but we haven’t heard any official about it nor anything from Lena herself. But this is what he said at one occasion:

“There might be a Sarah Connor Chronicles movie which will go straight to DVD!”

Safe House (Movie)

Lena Headey as: n/a
Directed By: Daniel Espinosa
Screenwriters: Dario Poloni
Release Date: 2012
Status Post-Production

Lena was attached to this movie for quiet a while in 2010 and it was going to be directed by Simon Hunter but plans changed and Daniel Espinosa directed it instead. I don’t know why Lena didn’t take part in the film but I guess the part went to Vera Farmiga instead.

When a CIA-operated safe house is targeted by a group of bad guys, the facility’s house-sitter is tasked with the dangerous job of moving the criminal who is being hidden there to another secure location.

× IMDb

Kill Drug (Movie)

Also known as Retribution
Lena Headey as: n/a
Directed By: Lena Headey
Screenwriters: Lena Headey, Robert Hall
Release Date: 2010
Status Pre-Production

It was told in numerous articles and interviews that Lena would do her directing debute in a full film for this movie. But in 2010 was it officially announced that Lena is no longer a part of this project. The exact reason was never told but surely will Lena get the chance to direct in the future. Lena was going to do the the film together with friend Robert Hall who also directed the film Laid to Rest (2009) which Lena starred in.

The ‘Kill Drug‘ experience is one of dystopia, a relentless circus, an inescapable truth about humanity. The audience should question their moral judgment.

Kill Drug‘ questions whether an underground movement, sizable enough to control, would fill the missing parts, give satisfaction, protection, reinstate forgotten ambition, goals, restore pride. ‘Kill Drug‘ is about searching to belong, to find your place, a place where you can function in society, a longing for catharses and ultimately, peace

Kill Drug‘ is smart, articulate, compelling, sexy, fun, dark, deeply poignant and not afraid to laugh at itself. Above all it is a gripping and compelling journey, a study of humanities darkest flaws and purest innocence.

And as Lena says herself about directing: “My ambition to direct has been fuelled over the last fifteen years, by working alongside great directors. It has also been my film education.”

Lena on the project, back in 2010:

the status on british movie making is pretty dire… i will direct .. i know i keep saying this .. i just have to find the time and assemble a wonderful cast and crew who are willing to accept grovelling thanks and a good party instead of money.

× IMDb

Black Death (Movie)

Lena Headey as: The dark village ruler/Langiva
Directed By: Christopher Smith
Screenwriters: Dario Poloni
Release Date: 2010
Status Released

In 2009 it was said that Lena was going to star in this horror/drama film but for unknown reasons has Lena dropped out of this project. She would have starred in the film along side the actors Rupert Friend and Sean Bean whom she co-stars with in the television series Game of Thrones (2010).

Apparently was Lena going to play Langiva, but was replaced by Carice van Houten. Famke Janssen was also briefly attached to the role.

Set during the time of the first outbreak of bubonic plague in England, a young monk is tasked with learning the truth about reports of people being brought back to life, a mission that pulls him toward a village ruler who has made a dark pact with evil forces.

Amanda, a middle-aged woman with the help of a psychiatrist, is drawn into a web of past and present horror as they try to find the link between her sister’s mysterious mental illness and an age-old curse involving the Black Plague.

× IMDb

Vivaldi (Movie)

Lena Headey as: Norina
Directed By: Boris Damast
Screenwriters: Jeffrey Freedman
Release Date: 2010
Status Post-Production
It was announced in 2008 that Lena would take part in this bio pic about Antonio Vivaldi but Lena couldn’t fit the filming in to her schedule and had to drop out. She was replaced by actress Neve Campbell.

Script is based on the planning and heist of New York’s Pierre Hotel safe on New Year’s Eve by a gang of professional thieves.

× IMDb

Six Bullets from Now (Movie)

Lena Headey as: n/a
Directed By: Stephen T. Kay
Screenwriters: Christian Darren
Release Date: 2010
Status Pre-Production

The film is still ‘in development’ but is not listed at Lena Headey’s IMDb page so we can only guess that she’s no longer a part of this project. She was going to star against Josh Lucas whom Lena works with in Tell-Tale (2009).

× IMDb

A Low End to Some (TV Show)

Lena Headey as: n/a
Screenwriters: Simon Donald

In 2006 when Lena made an interview for UGO she said:

“I’m going to the UK to do a TV show called A Low End to Some which is a Scottish comedy talk show. They’re making I think four episodes and then we’re going to see how it goes but it’s a really a beautifully written script. It is written by Simon Donald. He’s a Scottish guy and he’s written a number of plays and screenplays and he’s just brilliant writer, very funny, very dry and Scottish.”

But no information is to be found about this TV show so I guess it just never happened.