Acceptance Speeches

Scream Awards Acceptance Speech – October 15, 2011
For: Best TV Show – Game of Thrones and also nominated for several others. Lena Headey was nominated for “Best Fantasy Actress” And Sean Bean for “Best Fantasy Actor”. They received the award for the creators.

Lena Headey: “Guys, we make the show for you, sooo to be standing here with this is awesome, and so on behalf of the many, many talented, passionate people on our show (audience shouting loudly) ah, okay, ah, we thank you very, very much. Very cool!”

Sean Bean: “Yeah, cool… And eh, it’s been a great occasion, and eh, ya know every oscars you have ta … but I think you guys are a little bit different, you appreciate good taste, okay, (thumbs up) Alright!”

Scream Awards Acceptance Speech – October 19, 2007
For: Ultimate Scream (Best Movie) – 300, received it for Zack Snyder and Frank Miller

“So you know I’m thinking… Is you… all looking good naked.. If anyone wants to take them off I’d like to see… Seriously guys, thank you so much! SPARTA! You will enjoy this!
On behalf of Zack Snyder and Mr. Frank Miller – thank you so much!”